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2Work White Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser DS924E




For an easy and economical way to ensure that your facilities are hygienic and appealing, you need this high quality dispenser. This dispenser allows you easy access to your toilet paper, with a smooth and flowing action that never leaves you struggling. With the capability to lock the dispenser, your product is protected from tampering and remains hygienic. Ideal for frequently used smaller washrooms, this dispenser holds mini jumbo toilet rolls, which don't need to be replaced as often and also take up less space.

  • Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 10mm
  • Weight: 30g


Type Toilet Roll Dispensers
Manufacturer VOW
Brand 2Work
Colour White
Material Plastic
Form Jumbo Roll

19.99 exc VAT

€19.99 exc VAT

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